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See You Tomorrow


Every city has its legends and this city's legend is the 'Ferryman'. It is said that a person who takes on this role can help eliminate pain and sorrow from the world. Chen Mo, a bar owner, and his partner Guan Chun may seem foolish but in reality, they are an embodiment of this legend. As long as one makes a reservation, there is no problem either are incapable of solving. A young woman, Xiao Yu, makes such a reservation for her idol Ma Li, but as Chen and Guan begin to assist Xiao they begin to encounter and reckon with the sorrow hiding within themselves.

  • Release Date : 29 December 2016 (Hong Kong)
  • Genre :
  • Cats : Comedy,drama,romance
  • Duration : 2hr 8mins
  • Director : Jiajia Zhang



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